Save your documents to the Blockchain with time stamp!

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Register With Blockchain

Sign your documents with the blockchain network.

You Are Safe With Blockchain

Access all your documents from anywhere.


Verify documents thanks to the verification engine.

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About Us

Imagine that you are registering all the content that is valuable to you with a technology that is valid everywhere in the world.

For a successful technology, there must be reality. With this belief, we aimed to bring technology together with life.

We register our artistic works, documents, agreements or every document that is important to us by notary public all over the world. This service is both expensive and causes a waste of time. In order to prove the validity of the document you have registered in one country in another country, you must deal with many procedures. In addition, it is very difficult for you to prove the authenticity of the document presented to you. DigiSignChain with it, you can instantly sign and register the document you want with a timestamp using blockchain technology. You can instantly access the documents you have signed and register thanks to the verification service.


Frequently Asked Questions

You can buy the DSC Token via Pancake Swap.

This service is completely free. You only pay a gas fee for the blockchain network.

What do I need to do to use the Digi Sign Chain service? For this, it will be enough for you to have the metamask wallet and hold some BNB to pay the gas fees. Remember that you pay the gas fee as gas for the Bsc network.




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Direct API implementation

Application Programming Interface

Simplify your integration by using the REST API.

Powerful and scalable

Improves the experience of digital products,

You can increase the Decisiveness of integration between systems and applications,



Phase - 1

  • Project rebranding & improved plan
  • Application development
  • Smart Contract Development
  • Launch on PancakeSwap
  • Whitepaper released (V1)
  • Community Contests
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Phase - 2

  • Website Launch
  • Social Media accounts creation
  • Publishing the api service
  • More documents
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Press Release
  • Contract Audit
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Phase - 3

  • Activation of registration services on all blockchains
  • Advertising campaigns
  • Publication of the verification service
  • BSC info update
  • More CEX Listing
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